TSI Improvements for a More Convenient Study Process!

The end of the Fall term is approaching, so we want to share the good news and improvements made this year!

In cooperation with the TSI DevLab laboratory, a new Student Portal my.tsi.lv has been created, which replaces the old student interface – Intranet. The new portal has introduced new and more convenient functions: all links to TSI’s internal systems in one place, a more transparent list of lectures, the possibility to pay bills from the portal with a bank card, register for repeated exams, and the function for e-submissions will also be added soon. System user instructions also are available in the portal.

A new system portal “Curriculum Management System” has been created for lecturers and administration staff, which provides an opportunity to prepare documents for accreditation for one of the study areas.

A system for processing student applications and GLPI mail tracking has been introduced into the work of the Study Experience and Retention Department, so that none of your important messages do not pass us by!

We have also made improvements to our equipment – the Aviation Center APAC has new and powerful computers. New projectors have been installed in 5 computer classrooms and conference hall 130, and SSD disks will soon be installed in 2 computer classrooms to make the study process even more powerful!

Improvements have been made to the infrastructure of TSI – a renovated and modern equipped auditorium on the 9th floor, which offers an impressive and inspiring view over the city of Riga. On the other hand, there is a new Open Space room in the lobby of the 2nd floor, which is freely accessible to every student, instructor, or guest – both for work and for relaxation! Of course, a new cafe where you can have a delicious lunch at friendly prices, enjoying the special offer of the day or delicious snacks!

We are very grateful for every student and colleague who inspires us to new changes! We wish that your stay on the TSI premises will inspire you to new knowledge, innovative ideas, and new achievements!

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