TSI has signed the contract for the iDEAHUB project implementation

TSI has signed the contract for the project “Transport and Telecommunication Institute Innovation Grants for Students” / iDEAHUB (project ID No implementation.

The project aims to promote the implementation of student innovation applications, which develops students’ innovation capacity and entrepreneurship skills, solves problems important to the society or its part, strengthens cooperation of universities and students with entrepreneurs and attracts private funding for the implementation of the Student Innovation Programme.

The project involves several partners from NGOs, industry, public sector, universities and research institutions, including foreign partners from the United Kingdom, Estonia and Sweden.

The iDEAHUB project is targeted to the following groups: students of TSI and other higher education institutions of Latvia, including PhD students; pupils of secondary schools; vocational education institutions and colleges.

The project is supported by more than 20 industry companies, domain related NGOs and following academia and research entities: University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), the Baltic International Academy and the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science.

The project includes the following activities:

  • Establishment and operation of the iDEAHUB ecosystem, dialogue with industrial partners, creation of the Idea Bank
  • Development of the IT platform iDEAHUB Toolkit and its accessibility for participants
  • Strengthening the innovation potential of students – training, workshops, innovation team-building
  • Implementation of different types of innovation projects in cooperation with entrepreneurs: a) projects for the development and initial testing of an innovation idea; b) projects for the development of an innovative idea based on evidence of an existing concept, as well as projects expertise and practical trainings
  • Assessment of investment potential of innovation projects and development planning – the path to investment and expertise
  • Communication, publicity, and dissemination of results

Students will receive financial support in the form of scholarships, as well as grants for the implementation of innovation projects.

iDEAHUB will focus on three main domains:

  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Digital Society and Transformation
  • Smart Logistics and Transport

It is planned to implement 20 student innovation projects, attracting competitive and new technology-supporting businesses in several sectors.

You can find out more about the activities of the iDEAHUB project HERE.

The project will be implemented until 30 November 2023 and foresees investments of EUR 543 024.91, of which the European Regional Development Fund supports EUR 461 571.17 (85%) and private funding is EUR 81 453.74 (15%).

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