TSI Congratulates The New PhD Graduate!

On September 9, 2022, the Rector of the Transport and Telecommunoication Institute (TSI) Juris Kanels solemnly presented the PhD diploma to Farid Saifutdinov.

F. Saifutdinov joined the TSI PhD programme “Telematics and Logistics” in 2017. During his PhD studies under the guidance of Professor Jurijs Tolujevs, he prepared and in April 2022 successfully defended his PhD dissertation on the topic “DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING OF THE DIGITAL TWIN CONCEPT AS A PROCESS DATA STORE IN GROUND TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEMS AT AIRPORTS”.

The topic of the work is almost futuristic, as it relates to preparing for a time when the control of all transport processes on the airport territory will not be handled by a controller on the tower, but by an appropriate computer programme. In his work, F. Saifutdinov has successfully applied the modern concept of the digital twin in combination with simulation modelling techniques” – comments Professor Jurijs Tolujevs.

Farid Saifutdinov is successful not only in scientific activities, but also in professional field. After defending his PhD dissertation, he was appointed director of the “West Kazakhstan Regional Center of ATM” subsidiary “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE.

From the bottom of our heart we congratulate Farid Saifutdinov and wish him health, new success, active scientific work and further professional development!

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