TSI and Deloitte: Strategic Partnership in The Field of Artificial Intelligence

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In January 2022, we announced the opening of a new version of our master’s programme in the field of Computer Science with specializations in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (Double Degree in Computer Science: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, MSc).

Chairwoman of the Board of TSI, Professor I. Yatskiv, commenting on this fact: “We are pleased to announce that a various international companies from different fields have supported the opening of this unique study programme. Among these companies are Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) – one of the leaders in the field of transportation, Birkle IT – an international IT company specializing in business digitalization, as well as a major international player in the field of consulting – Deloitte.

The special value of this programme is not only that it matches the trends of the present and future and is implemented in the format of a double degree together with UWE Bristol (United Kingdom), but also that the project works within the framework of the programme is implemented jointly with partner companies and for companies-partners as well. Of course, this is especially important for future students and evaluates the programme, showing that business is interested and wants to use our knowledge.”

We are honored to introduce you with Igors Rodins – Academic Advisor on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the development of this direction in TSI.

“I often hear that AI revolution would lead to greater inequality between those who are technologically adept and those who are not. It is true that AI-related professions are in great demand and that data scientists and data engineers earn very well. But AI can be taught and learned with a good master’s programme. The program designed by TSI in cooperation with UWE Bristol is what the industry needs. Together with many other international companies Deloitte has chosen our city for its regional center of AI expertise, Riga .ai Studio. Helmut Schmidt once told that people with visions should go to the doctor. I have vision of Riga as the international hub for AI science and learning. But I do not need a doctor. I need people around us who share the same conviction and who work hard towards this goal. TSI’s leaders and professors are from this cohort.”

Igor Rodin fotoIgors Rodins
Partner | Artificial Intelligence
Deloitte Central Europe
Alumni 1988

In the frame of the programme in cooperation with the Deloitte, Igors Rodins will also advise on academic and business partnerships in the field of AI; foster apprenticeships and internships within the industry in the field of AI and assisting the faculty in aligning scientific and teaching objectives in the field of AI with the needs of industry.

Moreover, we are double honored, because Igors – the highly rated professional in the field of AI, is also our alumni of RKIIGA, the predecessor of TSI.

Do not miss your chance to apply for the programme studies and get the most even if you are not acquainted with IT yet!

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