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TSI alumnus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA!

Ilya Jackson, an assistant professor and graduate of the study programme Telematics and Logistics PhD at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI), has won a competition for a postdoctoral position at MIT’s Centre for Transportation and Logistics. A postdoctoral position is a research position that allows you to continue to develop your research after the award of your doctorate. It is a unique opportunity to develop and focus on a particular topic, the basis of which is usually worked out during doctoral studies. Ilya’s research areas include supply chain management, applied machine learning, simulation modelling, operations research and metaheuristics. Ilya comments:

“I now specialise in reinforcement learning for supply chain synchronisation in automated machine learning, for specific areas in supply chain management and logistics. I am also involved in consulting projects for large companies”.

Ilya holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial engineering and logistics. He received his PhD in telematics and logistics from TSI in 2020 and received the Young Researcher Award for his work ” Neuroevolutionary Approach to Metamodel-based Optimization in Production and Logistics “, based on his PhD thesis.

Prof. I. Yatskiv comments: “Ilya rarely combines knowledge of a specific applied research area of logistics – with a love for modelling, for analytics, for what is today the No.1 tool in business – Data Analytics. He chose TSI because he wanted to study with TSI professor Juriji Tolujev, a European-level expert in logistics process modelling, and during his years as a PhD student he not only tried to learn everything from the professor in the scientific field, but at the same time he grew as a teacher.  Intelligent, motivated and undoubtedly with a great future!”

We are proud of such a talented alumnus, Ilya Jackson, who continues his research activities at MIT and as a lecturer at TSI!

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