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The Latvian Chess Federation and TSI celebrate collaboration anniversary

Latvian Chess Federation and TSI, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, celebrated 5 years of cooperation.

TSI supports the aspirations of youngsters, therefore tournaments organized by the Latvian Chess Federation are held in TSI, on a regular basis.

In order to express their gratitude for successful cooperation and to inspire students to become chess athletes, the Latvian Chess Federation solemnly gifted unique chess tables to TSI Government and students.

I believe that our goals are very similar in a sense – both the university and the chess federation take care of the intellectual development of young people.

The work of the university is, of course, more related to the development of students’ professional skills and abilities, which are called hard skills. On the other hand, chess can become an excellent tool for improving interdisciplinary or soft skills and developing logical thinking and strategic planning.

We hope that our gift will be in demand among students. We are ready to support them in chess and encourage you to join the family of fans of this game! Among other things, chess also provides excellent opportunities for creating a communication network, in which a TSI-level education will certainly be useful.

Toms Kalniņš, member of the board of the Latvian Chess Federation, general secretary

TSI believes that supporting young people in development and aim achievement is important and necessary, therefore TSI highly values cooperation with the Latvian Chess Federation.

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