The First Results of the Project INGENIOUS

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In February and March 2022, international online rallies were held on the ERASMUS+ project INGENIOUS took place. At the rallies, the results of the first two stages of the joint work of teams from 5 countries were summed up: Greece – the leading partner, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Latvia. The first two stages were led by Latvia and Italy, respectively.

The results of the analysis of the conducted surveys of vocational education teachers on their possession of digital and green competencies were discussed. Comparison of the obtained data with the requirements of the European DigCompEdu standard made it possible to determine the path of learning and formulate the requirements for a pilot project to train vocational education teachers in the missing competencies.

The third phase of the project involves the development of digital learning materials for several pilot teacher training courses. In subsequent phases, a digital learning platform will be developed and pilot courses for educators will be conducted.

Professor Boris Misnevs, INGENIOUS project coordinator on behalf of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI), notes: “The results of the project are of great significance both for the development of higher education in Europe and for the introduction of innovative forms of learning organisation at TSI.

The INGENIOUS project will develop a model and a demonstration prototype of a converged digital platform for delivering an extensible mobile learning service using cloud technology.

ERASMUS+ Project “Strengthening digital pedagogy skills and competencies of educators” (INGENIOUS), Agreement No. 2020-1-EL01-KA226-VET-094871 (2021-2023).

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