Business and Management

Awarded academic degree: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management

Complete study program volume: 120 CP | 180 ECTS

Possible forms of education and study languages:

  • Full-time – 3 years, (Latvian, English)
  • Part-time – 4 years, (Latvian, English)
  • Distant – 4 years, (English)

Enrolment requirements: a document of secondary education (general or special)

Admission Rules

“The “Business and Management” study program builds a platform for management career advancement or starting a business. A magnificent feature of the programme is the combination of classical higher education and innovative approaches to specialists’ training. At the last year of study, each student will have the opportunity to choose one of the proposed specialisations.”

Renate Indrika
Guest lecturer, 
Mg. oec.
Renate Indrika
Director of the Programme
For individuals, who…

seek to form their management team, develop positive relationships among members and take responsibility.

It is also excellent for individuals who want to prepare a business plan for a new start-up or for expanding business operations.

You will find out how to evaluate the company’s business financial performance having operations in the digital environment, considering relevant economic, social and ethical aspects.

Potential careers…

position is a professional in the selected economic segment and initiator of changes. Graduates of this program are managers of their business areas; entrepreneurs, owners of a micro- or small business; innovative project managers; HR managers who know how to apply the digital business management and economic analysis tools.

Wants to obtain...

After awarding with a bachelor’s degree, students can proceed with a master’s study in “Business and Management”. It is based on a higher academic standard than a bachelor degree. It is also an option to follow a middle to a top-level specialist career in managing organisations.

About the Programme

The programme offers specialisations: “Digital Business Management” and “Managerial Economics”, which is unique to the Latvian education market.

Specialisation in Digital Business Management helps students to master such concepts as digital transformation and business management tools in a digital environment. The offered specialisation’s multidisciplinary nature focuses on developing the management skills and competencies necessary for successful implementation of digital transformations to establish their own business. Specialisation in Managerial Economics enables the future specialist to master the economic analysis methods of modern business management regardless of the type, size, and legal form of the business in globalisation focused on sustainable business development. Graduates of this programme are managers, small business or business co-owners, entrepreneurs, innovative project managers, HR managers, who know how to apply the digital business management and economic analysis tools.

Tuition Fee

 Full timePart timeDistance learning
Duration3 years4 years4 years
Tuition fee EUR/year3500 EUR3500 EUR1800 EUR
Tuition fee for applicants from 🇱🇻 🇱🇹 🇪🇪 🇺🇦 🇪🇺 and EEA, EUR/year2500 EUR2200 EUR1800 EUR

Block A – Mandatory Courses

Essentials of Business Management4.006.0
Fundamentals of entrepreneurship4.006.0
Management Accounting4.006.0
Mathematics for Business4.006.0
English for Career Management2.003.0
Introduction to Studies in Economics and Business Science2.003.0
Labour Safety, Civil Defence and Environment Protection2.003.0
Management and Organisation Theory2.003.0
Project Management2.003.0
Taxes and Taxation2.003.0
Study Project I2.003.0
Bachelor’s Thesis and its Defence10.0015.0

Block B – Specialization Courses

Business Psychology4.006.0
Digital Business Environment4.006.0
Human Resource Management4.006.0
Introduction to Change Management4.006.0
Operations Management4.006.0
Organizational Behaviour and Leadership4.006.0
Risk management4.006.0
Statistics for Business and Finance4.006.0
Business Activity Legal Regulation2.003.0
Business communications I2.003.0
Business communications II2.003.0
Digital Marketing2.003.0
English for Academic Purposes I2.003.0
Fundamentals of Logistics2.003.0
Information Technologies 12.003.0
Information Technologies 22.003.0
Latvian Language2.003.0
Standardization and Quality Control2.003.0
Sustainable economy2.003.0

Block C – Elective Courses

Subject of Free Choice6.009.0

Alumni testimonials

Optimal solutions to any problems..
"Thanks to the skills and confidence gained in TSI, in less than a year I managed to show myself and grow from an office administrator to a coordinator of business projects. TSI is a place where people are taught to think for themselves and come up with more optimal solutions to any problems. I am grateful to TSI and all its staff for spending time together"
Alina Liplanska, 
Fundamental knowledge..
"Management science program helped me to develop my skills in rationalizing, analytical reasoning and self-performance. By the end of the studies, fundamental knowledge of statistics, economics, management and information technology was gained. Achieved degree BSc in Management opened all horizons and doors to world-known universities and I was accepted for Master’s Program in Economics at the University of Milan. At the moment I am studying for my Double Degree Diploma in Economics in Belgium at the University of Louvain"
Veronika Lukoperova, 

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