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Study course led by a virtual assistant: TSI participates in the digitization initiative of leading Latvian universities

Upgrading Latvian education according to world-class standards, within the framework of the EU Social Fund project “Digitalization initiatives for student involvement and improvement of study quality at the University of Latvia and project cooperation partner universities” (No. joint digitalization initiatives have been introduced in five Latvian universities, implementing the advantageous solutions of ICT technologies and world universities experience.

Leading universities and entrepreneurs have collaborated to create the virtual study assistant “Digne”, the fully digitalized study course “Civil Defense”, as well as a machine translator specially adapted to the needs of academic staff.

TSI, as one of the participants of the project consortium, actively supports digitalization in the study process and this cooperation highlights the constant dedication and development of the university in the direction of modernization.

The solutions developed in the project workframe, contribute to a faster transformation of the study and ICT environment in Latvia, improving the quality of state education level, making it more modern and competitive in the world market.

The Digne virtual assistant is a unique tool to support students and lecturers, based on the latest generation of artificial intelligence language technologies. This is not just a technological step forward, but also a new look at education. For students, this smart solution becomes a real mentor in the educational process, enriching the educational experience and improving the quality of materials. Digne creates personalized learning progress data, helps to prepare for exams, provides constant motivation during the learning process and the necessary information about the organization of the study course. This virtual assistant helps to develop students’ digital skills, preparing them for future job market demands.

– comments the course lecturer, guest assistant professor Dr. psych. Isgalej Ismuhametov.

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