Robotics Club Ends the Season with 12 Awards

The TSI Robotics Club team concluded the season of the Latvian Robotics Championship with 12 awards, under the guidance of instructor Igors Ļaksa! This year’s final two competitions of the Latvian Robotics Championship took place in Daugavpils and Riga, both marked by truly fierce battles. Overall, our team was represented by 12 robots in the Lego robot category, achieving the greatest success in Lego Folkrace, where our team’s robots took the entire podium.

On April 20th in Daugavpils, Sofija Šuļgina won 1st place, Aleksandrs Banašeks secured two 2nd places, and Marks Zaļeskis took 3rd place. Meanwhile, at the final stage in Riga on May 18th, where more than 250 robots from Latvian and Lithuanian robotics clubs participated, Timofejs Smirnovs won 1st place in Lego Folkrace, while Marks Zaļeskis and Sofija Šuļgina took 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. In Lego Sumo and Line Following, two 1st places were achieved: Timofejs Smirnovs and Kirils Afoņins in Lego Sumo, and Kirils Afoņins’ robot took two 3rd places in Lego Line Following.

In the final stage of the Latvian Robotics Championship, the TSI student team “Borya Chicorya,” represented by Ričards Aizpurietis, Ilja Jezkovs, Rolands Lipskis, Timofejs Oniščuks, and Arina Čiževska, participated in the Irobot Sumo discipline. After fierce battles, the team’s robots fought their way to the quarterfinals.

Overall, this year was very successful for the TSI Robotics Club. In Latvian competitions, they earned a total of 27 awards – 9 gold, 10 silver, and 8 bronze. In the overall standings of the Latvian Championship, the Lego Folkrace discipline brought home the Latvian Robotics Championship winner’s cup.

Many thanks to the members of the Robotics Club for their active participation, and a special thanks to club leader Igors Ļaksa for his enthusiasm, responsiveness, and tireless energy! We wish our team continued success in the future!

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