Air Transport Lab APAC

Head of the Lab:

Mg. sc. ing.
Jurijs Solovjovs
TSI/APAC Basic training manager,
Licensed Aviation Engineer
Jurijs Solovjovs

The TSI APAC (Academic and Professional Aviation Centre of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute) Air Transport Laboratory is designed to provide practical training in the field of aircraft maintenance and aircraft component overhaul. This allows students to consolidate theoretical material, develop independent problem-solving skills, and acquire the necessary practical knowledge and competencies related to aircraft construction, handling, and maintenance.

Flight simulator

The practical experience gained by students in the laboratory is aimed at:

  • forming an idea of the work scope in the aircraft, powerplant and avionic system technical processes
  • becoming familiar with new materials used in the production and repair of aircraft and their components
  • making competent decisions in the technical operation and maintenance of aircraft systems
  • improving the savoir faire of maintenance, overhaul, and servicing of aviation equipment

Studying the technical processes and working methods in aircraft maintenance allows students to acquire the necessary qualification skills to carry out work and make competent technical decisions related to aircraft maintenance.

The quality and quantity of the laboratory equipment, as well as the highest qualifications of the instructors allow a variety of practical work, related to the subjects of the Aviation Engineering program to be done.

The equipment of the laboratory classrooms includes:

  • equipment, tools and devices for conducting classes related to acquiring skills in aircraft maintenance.
  • a classroom for preliminary preparation for practical exercises.

Aircraft system Training Sets and Stands:

  • Anti-Skid Brake System AL37 (aircraft braking system training set).
  • Digital Engine Instrument E60 (piston engine simulator training set).
  • Hydraulic Landing Gear System AL14 (landing gear retraction/releasing system training set);
  • Ice&Rain Protection System AS61 (aircraft de-icing system training set);
  • Hydraulic Training System HS-2000;
  • Experimental installation for determination of drag coefficients and lifting force of bodies and aerodynamic profiles of various shapes.
  • Cessna-152 aircraft and its components.
  • VMT – Virtual Maintenance Trainer (A320FAM);
  • VPT – Virtual Procedure Trainer (A320FAM, Cockpit Mock-Up);
  • CBT – Computer Based Training (training system for theoretical training of engineering certified staff);
  • Antonov-2 aircraft and all the necessary equipment and technical documentation for its maintenance.

The laboratory of the Aviation Center has a library of necessary technical documentation, which allows students to qualitatively prepare for the practical work.

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