Robotics and Additive Technologies Innovation Research Cluster

Cluster conducts research in the fields of Additive Manufacturing (AM), Robotics, and Computer Vision. Cluster focuses on AM and on metal-based 3D printing technology Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM).

Cluster work includes:

  • Researching & exploring materials science, developing robotic WAAM systems, and integrating this into industrial applications
  • Robotics research for industrial, mobile, and autonomous robots advancement by designing optimised robots, creating intelligent algorithms to enhance efficiency and capabilities, and testing manufacturing applications
  • Building innovative algorithms for visual data analysis across various applications by focusing on integration into real-world systems, handling complex datasets, and extracting impactful insights (the Computer Vision team)
  • With cross-disciplinary projects across WAAM, Robotics and Computer Vision, the cluster aims to pioneer new technologies, create robotic systems for the future, and drive innovation

To enhance the process and ensure the highest productivity of offered solutions, TSI has powerful coming-of-age support structure, unique for Baltic region AdditiveLab – additive manufacturing, research and solutions laboratory – the only lab in Latvia and Baltic states scale, that provides research and development in the area of metal wire additive manufacturing (WAM): printing the big parts on demand with solid metal wire, that can be used in different industry applications (transport, aerospace, general industries, etc.). Lab’s machines can use and operate with a variety of materials like aluminium alloys, nickel-based alloys, construction steels, stainless steels, etc. AdditiveLab additionally works actively on software development in order to control the robots, the process itself, and to predict and maintain various technological parameters and features.

Cluster members

Cluster head:


Ph. D.
Emmanuel Merchan
Engineering Faculty
Emmanuel Merchan foto2

AdditiveLab head:

Mg. sc. ing.
Arseny Kisarev
Arseny Kisarev foto

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