Research project No. “Development of Model of Smart Economy in Smart City” successfully continues with several activities MP3

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One article was presented for review and another article was prepared for submitting for review. Also and abstract has been submitted for participating in the 15th International Conference of European Sociological Association.

Work on creation of a website Smart City – Smart Economy, has been started, which is planned for dissemination of project results as well as for performing the current stage of research. The site will contain information about the project, an interview with the representative of fin-tech company, involved in digital banking in Riga city and a post about the role of fin tech companies functions in smart city.

The cooperation with industries included continuous collaboration with the representatives of fin tech companies in Riga, the preliminary coordination with the director of transportation company operating in Riga, and preliminary discussions with the representatives of Jekabpils municipality, devoted to the possible reform of waste management within the city.

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