Regarding the study process organization in the Transport and telecommunication institute (TSI) from 15th November 2021

In accordance with the amendments of 11.11.2021 (No. 828) to the Cabinet of Ministers Order No. 720 “On the declaration of an emergency situation” (09.10.2021) starting from November 22, 2021, the study process at TSI is implemented in person in a safe mode. Only Students who have submited an interoperable Covid-19 vaccination or disease certificate will be admitted to safe mode studies. The implementation of the study process also includes practical and laboratory works, tests and exams within the study course.

Students who do not present an interoperable Covid-19 vaccination or disease certificate are eligible to participate in the study remotely by connecting to the BigBlueButton platform.

The work in the library, Sports Center and TSI café is organized in a safe mode, in accordance with the epidemiological safety requirements for these fields of activity specified in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

To verify your COVID-19 certificate, you need:

Send your valid COVID-19 certificate to


Provide your valid COVID-19 certificate tothe Study department (room 100)

Not later than 15 minutes after the start of the lecture, attach your ISIC or white card to the apparatus located in the auditorium

If the green light switch on You are registered for the lecture

If the red light switch on Please contact the Study Department

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