PhD Student on Erasmus+ Internship will Make a Research in TSI

PhD student Ms Kristina Vaičiūtė from partner university VILNIUS TECH (Vilnius, Lithuania) will spend 3 month of her Erasmus+ programme internship at Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI). The internship will take place in the scientific department of the university, under the supervision of Prof. I. Yatskiv.

Ms Kristina Vaičiūtė in her research work investigates the impact of technology development on the formation of engineering competences of university graduates. Since TSI is the leader in transport and logistics education in Latvia for many years (the first Bachelor and Master programmes appeared at TSI) and more than 3 thousand of TSI graduates work in the field of transport and logistics, the experience in teaching these programmes and shaping of necessary competences of graduates considering the current trends is very interesting for our partners.

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