PhD Competition Winners Announced

Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) has been actively supporting young researchers since its inception. In 2021, a grant competition was announced with full cover of the cost of tuition fee for PhD studies in the study program Telematics and Logistics. The aim of the competition is to strengthen the scientific and academic potential of TSI and develop research in priority areas by attracting and supporting young researchers.

Priority areas of research this year were Artificial Intelligence, Real Time Traffic Analysis, Computer Vision – Traffic Analysis, etc., Digitization Processes and Digital Duplicates in the Aviation Industry.

During the evaluation of the competition, two winners were selected, and grants were awarded to Aleksey Vesyoliy on the research topic “Ship Motion Analysis and Tracking Framework for UAVs/Drones Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning Algorithms with CSCN” and Jelena Larina with the research topic “Artificial Intelligence for Traffic Flow Predictions or AI for Natural Time Traffic Management“.

Aleksey Vesyoliy comments his win of the grant: “PhD studies is a great challenge for me, I made up huge way to this moment. Determination to succeed, continuous development and lifelong learning are my allies. I have been interested in science since childhood and have always dreamed of contributing to the development of humanity. The recent flood disaster in Germany, which left more than 150 people missing, motivated me to explore computer vision in AI. With the help of computer vision, we can mitigate disaster after environmental disasters: both minimizing damage to property and saving lives. This is the area where logistics, transportation and IT technologies meet. I am ready to contribute to the scientific development of TSI and support the academic culture. Our Institute has a great potential for growth.”

Jelena Larina shares her emotions: “I have known about TSI since I was a teenager. She also participated in the TSI competition in high school. Even then, I realized that TSI is a strong team of teachers who are also involved in research. After graduating from high school, she spent many years abroad, always with the plan to return to Latvia one day. And now the moment has come when I thought that I would like to get a PhD. I was very happy when I found out that the TSI PhD program is of a high level and I could enroll there

The winners were determined through a competition that took into account the applicants’ achievements, accumulated experience, motivation, as well as the presentation of the proposed research topic and results of interviews with members of the TSI Research and PhD Council.

We sincerely congratulate Aleksey and Jelena on winning the competition and wish you continued professional growth, new successes, and achievement of your goals!

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