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New: Specialization in Maritime Logistics Management!

Already this summer, TSI, in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Hogeschool Zeeland (HZ (Netherlands)) offers a unique opportunity for applicants who will choose the bachelor programme “Transport and Business Logistics” to get a specialization in Maritime Logistics Management!

Director and Lecturer of the bachelor’s programme in Transport and Business Logistics, Mg. oec. Alexander Kotlars says: “This is an interdisciplinary programme focused on innovation and sustainability, providing state-of-the-art knowledge, skills, and competencies to organize and provide the best transport and logistics services around the world in both daily and emergencies.”

The Maritime Logistics Management specialization provides students with the opportunity to become more familiar with the specifics of the maritime transport industry and acquire the skills necessary to manage efficient logistics processes. The content of the educational programme is developed considering the real requirements of the industry and development trends, which ensures that students acquire specific and practical knowledge. Deciding and choosing to study at a partner university is necessary only during the 2nd study year, and young people with good academic results will be able to go to the Netherlands after the 5th semester of study and continue their studies for three semesters, as well as undergo professional internship in the Netherlands in cooperation with a research department of Hogeschool Zeeland and international logistics companies. Thus, students receive a European-level qualification and a diploma from the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

As a result of this cooperation, the most promising young people get the opportunity to achieve great success and develop their professional connections, opening wide career opportunities both in Latvia and abroad.

Be one step closer to the future with TSI!


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