New Exciting Lessons for Schools!

The Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) offers new and exciting lessons – workshops for high school students in areas such as programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, physics, aviation as well as logistics, career, leadership, etc. TSI provides lessons to excite pupils, and stimulate their interest in further education, without emphasizing our university, but higher education in general.

We explain complex things to pupils in easy and understandable language, thus showing that the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) is versatile, interesting, and exciting. We are happy to help pupils learn and improve all the necessary skills in both engineering and social fields, as well as future career choices, so in the future, they will have all the opportunities to obtain higher education without restrictions.

Lessons are offered every Friday online and also in person at your school, in Latvian or English. Online classes provide an opportunity to “visit” schools in Riga, throughout Latvia, and even abroad. We are pleased that colleagues from secondary and professional education institutions are joining TSI lessons to deepen and diversify their students’ learning process.

TSI creatively and actively involves the students of our technical school, providing knowledge of the field of IT and career choices. The creative tasks of TSI online lessons are based on the students knowledge, interests, hobbies and intellectual development. TSI is a digital university and place which provide opportunities for creativity in higher education, an interdisciplinary approach in the study process.

You can find more about the application, lesson topics, and schedule in the section Studies – Lessons for Schools.

TSI is open to cooperation and looks forward to making our best contribution to the future of Latvian children and education.

Hope to see you soon!

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