New Board of Association of Private Universities

On September 27, a meeting of members of the Association of Private Universities was held. A new three-member board of the association was elected there, and the Rector of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Ph., Assistant Professor Juris Kanels has been elected as the Chairman of the board for a two-year term. In the board will also work Rector of the EKA University of Applied Sciences, Dr. oec., Associate Professor Oksana Lentjušenkova and the Rector of the Turiba University, Ph. D., Associate Professor Zane Driņke.

The aim of the Association of Private Universities is to represent the interests of universities founded by legal and natural persons and to promote their closer inclusion in the common Latvian and international higher education system. The association was founded in 2000, and the Transport and  Telecommunication Institute  was one of its founders.

Congratulations to our Rector!

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