Many TSI lecturers can be called a “living legend”

In honor of the Winter Graduation at TSI, we introduce you to some of the graduates who have successfully defended their theses, and present a series of mini-interviews with them.

This time our hero is Asya Misnik, a graduate of the master’s programme “Business and Management”.

– Asya, in what area are you working now?

– For 26 years I worked at the “L-Ekspresis” – the only company in Latvia that provides international passenger transportation by railway. For the last 12 years I’ve worked as a railroad instructor. But, unfortunately, after the beginning of restrictions related to COVID-19, all international passenger movement was stopped, and I, like many others who worked in my department, ended up firstly in a row for a downtime government allowance, and then was out of work altogether.

– Why did you choose the “Business and Management” programme at TSI for your further professional development?

– Before entering the master’s programme “Business and Management” I studied for five years under the programme “Transport and Business Logistics”. For the purpose of my professional development, the company paid for my studies. The further choice of the study programme was primarily due to the specifics of my job responsibilities.

– What did you like in the study process?

– I like the learning process itself, the opportunity to learn something new and useful for myself, not only in terms of practical application. I am flattered that I have communicated over the years with lecturers, many of them can be called a “living legend”. I got great pleasure from communicating with my versatile and interesting fellow students both during my bachelor’s and master’s studies.

– Which of the things you have learned will be most useful in your career?

– In the current situation, first of all, I would like my master’s thesis to be useful since the theme is “Marketing Strategy as an Anti-Crisis Management Tool for an International Transport Company”.

Congratulations to Asya and all other graduates on the successful completion of their studies! We wish that new knowledge and skills will help them to build a successful career in any situation!

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