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Logistics Seminar at TSI

On May 11, the logistics seminar was held in TSI. The event was attended by students, academic staff, as well as representatives of international industry enterprises and foreign education in the field of logistics.

The speakers of the event made a valuable contribution not only to the educational process, but also initiated discussions on topics of particular importance for the logistics of today and the future.

The event started with an opening speech by the moderator of the seminar – the director of the programme ” Transport and Business Logistics“, a TSI lecturer, Mg. oec. Aleksandr Kotlyar – as well as by the Chairwoman of the Board and Chief Executive Director of TSI, director of the master’s programme “Transport and Logistics“, professor Dr. sc. ing. Irina Yatskiv.

Rodion Shiryaev, Acting Director of MSC Shared Service Center Riga, shared insights of statistics and facts related to employment, the importance of education and trends in logistics today.

Heiti Mering, Head of Transport and Logistics curriculum at TTK University (Estonia), provided valuable information about the use of electronic data and the process of digitalization of logistics processes in Europe.

Liana Karpushina, intermodal manager in Estonia and Latvia at Containerships CMA CGM GmbH, introduced seminar attendees to green solutions and sustainable development in the field of logistics and transport.

Roy P. Weeber, professor and docent of Logistics Engineering at HZ University (Netherlands) presented valuable information on the concept of sustainable logistics and its development. His colleague, Andres Caballero, supply chain innovation researcher at HZ University, shared data on an up-to-date research related to the use of smart technologies in ground delivery and transportation.

A colleague of the moderator and seminar host – A. Kotlyar – Christopher Baskevich, Project Logistics Manager in Baltics of CEVA Logistics, not only shared his own career development experience, but also introduced the audience to the term of project logistics, the meaning and tasks associated with the processes of this direction.

Questions from students and other seminar participants helped to review topics covered in detail, as well as to learn more about the opinion of experts based on experience.

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