Lectures in computer science by guest professors in November

From November 25 at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) guest lectures in computer science led by professor Ashish Seth from India are ongoing. Dr Ashish Seth today is working as Associate Professor in School of Computer & Information Engineering in INHA University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, has more than 15 year experience of work in universities of Sultanate of Oman and India. Dr Seth says: I would like to combine my competence, sense of responsibility & innovative thinking for future challenges to transcend new horizons for me and for my students. This is the first time when TSI is cooperating with Dr Ashish Seth, and during common meetings with TSI representatives further collaboration perspectives were discussed, including possible research projects in the field of Blockchain.

During all academic year Dr Ashish Seth will work with bachelor level students in two study courses: “Development in NET Environment” and “Logical Programming”. In November he starts lectures and practical classes in the study course “Development in NET Environment”, the course is to enable students to understand issues of .NET environment and to develop real life applications using .NET.

From November 25 till November 29 a guest professor from UK Stefan Hermann Kuhn continues to deliver lectures and practical classes in the course Intelligent Systems and Deep Machine Learning”. Dr Kuhn is experienced specialist in artificial intelligence and other spheres of informational technology. This is the third visit of Dr Stefan Kuhn during the fall semester.

From November 27 till November 29 a guest professor from Egypt Yasser Moustafa Kamal Abdelmonem Omar Youssef continues to deliver lectures and practical classes in the course “Modern Database Technologies”. This is the third visit of Dr Omar Yasser during the fall semester. Dr Omar Yasser is currently working at the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, researcher and researchers’ mentor, a top-ranked specialist in Database management and other fields of computer science.

Till November 26 lecture and practical classes of guest professor from Portugal Shahid Mumtaz are ongoing. He is delivering the study course “Smat IoT Services”. Dr.Mumtaz is international specialist in electronics and TSI is planning to develop academic and scientific cooperation with him as well as to initiate together new projects.

On November 29 another lectures of professor Aliaksandr Puptsau (Lithuania) will be held in the frame of the study course “Data Structures and Algorithms”. Professor of European Humanities University (Lithuania) with more than 20 years academic experience in Computer Science and more than 35 years research experience, author of more than 100 scientific papers and more than 20 scientific and teaching books.

More information about TSI guest professors you can find here.

Guest professors are invited to cooperate with Transport and Telecommunication Institute in the frame of the European Union Social Fund project “Strengthening Transport and Telecommunication Institute Academic Staff in the Areas of Strategic Specialisation” (No

The total cost of the two-year project is 676,083.35 euros, of which the European Social Fund supports 574,670.85 euros (85%), and the state budget amounts to 101,412.50 euros (15%).

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