Latvian Robotics Championship 2023

In April and May, the TSI robotics club team, led by Igor Laksa, participated in the two final Latvian Robotics Championships of the season in Latvia, which took place in Daugavpils and Riga. The Daugavpils stage was held for the first time this year and stood out with fierce battles.

In total, our team was represented by eight robots in the LEGO robot category in this competition and 5 prize-winning places were achieved. The biggest success was achieved in the disciplines LEGO Line Tracking (2nd and 3rd places, Artemiy Makarov) and LEGO Folkrace, where 4 medals were won (1st and 2nd places, Ilya Degil, Mark Zalesky, Mihail Shkarupin). Also, one medal was won in the LEGO Sumo discipline (3rd place, Timofey Smirnov)

More than 250 robots from Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian robotics clubs participated in the final stage of this season. Also at this stage, our team was awarded 5 places – in the LEGO folk race discipline, where two first places were won. The robot built by Ilya Degil and Mark Zaleskis won 1st place, while Mihail Shkarupin won 2nd place. Artemiy Makarov won 1st place in the LEGO line following discipline. And the robots of Timofey Smirnov and German Litvyakov won LEGO Sumo (in the senior and PRO groups).

Overall, this year was very successful for the TSI Robotics Club. Participating in 6 stages of the Latvian Robotics Championship, a total of 28 medals were won (14 gold, 10 silver, 4 bronze). At the Latvian Championship, in the overall standings in two LEGO disciplines (Line Tracing and Folkrace), the first places were won and the winners’ cups of the Latvian Robotics Championship were obtained.

Congratulations to the winners and good luck and success to our team in the future!

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