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International Students Are Sharing Their Experience!

International experience exchange event took place on the June 9, 2022 at the premises of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI). The purpose of the event was to have informal conversations with our international students, to give them an opportunity to share their experiences and international experiences, before the end of the academic year 2021/2022 at TSI and leave to their homelands.

Under the ERASMUS+ exchange program, students from Turkey, France, Spain, Germany, Poland and also students from ISEP university (France) exchanged their opinion on the experience they got during their stay in Latvia, Riga, TSI. Most of them were impressed by the small cities in Latvia, friendly people, delicious food, Latvian culture and long daylight hours.

Students also emphasized their Latvian language boost and shared their study experience at TSI. The international students shared their experience of studying at TSI and their favourite subjects and teachers. The students were happy to have chosen Latvia and they were happy to have studied at TSI as an exchange student.

Photos from the event, please see below. Video from the event will follow shortly! Stay tuned!

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