“I applied my knowledge to open a new business”

In honor of the Winter Graduation at TSI, we present a series of stories about some of the alumni.

This time our hero is Arslan Shaukat, a graduate of the “Transport and Logistics” master’s programme. He successfully defended his master’s thesis on the topic “Implementation of Reverse Logistics in Latvia to collect E-waste”. And here’s what Arslan tells about himself and his studies at TSI:

“My name is Arslan Shaukat. I am from Pakistan. I came to Latvia in 2012. It was quite a cultural shock for me. I like to travel since I was a kid due to my parents but still the cultural difference I experienced from Latvia was quite odd in a good way and somewhat more appealing than countries (within Asia and Eastern Africa) I have been to before. In beginning it was a little hard due to the language barrier but as time passed and I came to know people, it became quite easy to mingle with people. It’s hard for an Asian to come and adjust in a closed cultural atmosphere like Latvia but we humans are the most adaptable creatures in the world.

After completing my bachelor’s I have been working in the field of my studies as an Avionics Engineer. But after a few years of work I have decided to go for further studies due to my newly adopted interest in modern transportation systems. While searching for an institute to fulfill my needs I came across Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI). I checked the courses offered by TSI, I came across a program I was interested in – a master’s in Logistics management. I contacted my old friends from Latvia to get their feedback on the reputation and quality of education at TSI. I would like to say that I heard only good things about TSI and after completing my studies I can also agree with them. The most interesting part of my studies was writing my research paper on e-waste management in Latvia. I got tons of help from my professor Mr. Gennadijs Gromovs and from the institute as well. After starting my studies, I was able to start a business. As I decided to study logistics management, I decided to apply my knowledge to open a new business of importing home textile. I was able to start it and work it out through my studies. My company is based in Poland and we operate in Poland and the Baltic region. I have gained enough knowledge during my studies to practically apply and create a sustainable supply chain network to feed my business according to the needs of my customers. Risk management in the supply chain was one of my favourite subjects. It helped me to explore all-new ways to strengthen the structure of my business and helped me to understand the methods I can implement to deter risks. During my studies, I have got enough skills up my sleeve that I can independently handle my business even remotely. I got an opportunity to go for ERASMUS work placement at TSI, and I am planning to take advantage of this opportunity after my studies to get more knowledge and first-hand experience from the shipping industry. Currently, I am looking for an opportunity to get an internship in Maersk Shipping Solutions.”

Congratulations to Arslan and all other graduates on the successful completion of their studies! From the bottom of our hearts, we wish that new knowledge and skills will help to further build a successful career and business!

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