General Meeting of the MASOC Members

On 23rd  of March, the conference of the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industry MASOC  took place, in TSI.

The general meeting of the members of the MASOC association was attended by specialists from related industries, representing the industrial and economic sectors, representatives of various businesses and organizations, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Economics of Latvia (EM).

The opening of the association’s members’ meeting was accompanied by a speech by TSI Rector Juris Kanels, followed by a presentation by the Ministry of Economics of Latvia on the matter of the current tendencies in national economics.

The European Digital Innovation Centre of Latvia presented afterwards, and the meeting continued with a discussion of the results of the past year and the ongoing developments in this year’s industry research.

Concluding the event, J. Kanels acquainted the participants of the conference with the opportunities that TSI provide, and encouraged a tour for MASOC participants, to visit the scientific laboratories and the centre of robotics and aviation.

The event will serve as a vector for the development of communications and a network of contacts, as well as will help representatives of enterprises and organizations to introduce relevant innovations into the work process, using the latest data and knowledge within the industry and the national economic sector.

TSI is one of the members of MASOC association, and currently, MASOC brings together over 170 leading companies in the industry, related service providers, as well as research and educational institutions.

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