Five Latvian universities are implementing a digitalization initiative to improve the quality of studies

With the aim of strengthening the digital capacity of Latvia’s leading universities, the implementation of the project “Digitalization initiative for the involvement of students and the improvement of study quality at the University of Latvia and the partner universities of the project” has been started.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the digital capacity of Latvia’s leading higher education institutions by implementing joint digitization initiatives in five Latvian higher education institutions – University of Latvia, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Sciences RISEBA, and Transport and Telecommunications Institute – to improve the quality of studies, including for involvement of the students.

Universities will take over the experience of world universities and the world and Latvian information and communication technology industry from three leading Latvian information and communication technology companies – SIA “Tilde”, SIA “Baltijas computer academy”, SIA “Datorzinību centrs” – which have more than twenty years of experience experience in the development of digital competences.

“Digital transformation affects every sector, including higher education. What are the digital skills that today’s and tomorrow’s student need, what are the technologies that motivate and help in studies? These are just some of the questions to which we will jointly look for the answers in the project, in order to ensure continuous improvement of digital skills for students and support for teaching staff in the process of digitalization of studies,” emphasizes professor Signe Bāliņa, adviser to the rector of the University of Latvia on digital society issues.

The development and improvement of digital skills content and appropriate methodology is planned during the project; integration of innovative digital technological solutions in the study process; adaptation and piloting of a digital skills assessment and progress monitoring system based on the student’s needs, motivation and ability to learn new skills; a sustainable model for assessing student engagement and feedback, including learning analytics and assessing progress in digital skills.

It is envisaged that the implementation of digitalization initiatives will increase the level of students digital skills, bringing them closer to the needs and requirements of the future labor market, and transforming the study environment, thereby temporarily increasing the competitiveness of universities in the international environment.

The project of the European Social Fund “Digitalization Initiatives for Involving Students and Improving the Quality of Studies of the University of Latvia and Project Partners” (project no. with a total funding of 2,060,095.08 EUR is co-financed by the REACT-EU funding pandemic for mitigating the consequences of the crisis.

The project is implemented in the period from November 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

Information prepared by:
Kitija Balcare, Head of Communication of the Study Development and Governance Improvement Program of the University of Latvia
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