Live Discussion

On 18 May 2021 at 16:00, the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) will hold an online discussion “Contemporary Challenges in Supply Chain Management and Development Opportunities”, where experts will talk about new challenges in the field of logistics and answer questions about the development perspectives of the industry, as well as the need for and benefits of education in this field. We invite everyone who is interested in the field of transport and logistics to join and ask questions!

Discussion topics:

  • Contemporary trends and news in logistics and supply chain management (SCM). What are the main trends experienced by logistics service providers, shipping companies and others? What innovations will be delivered in the nearest future?
  • Influence of pandemic on logistics environment. What has changed in the past year of pandemic in terms of business processes, organizational structure and sales activities? How will companies change to adapt to new reality?
  • Requirements towards university graduates. What are the main competencies, knowledge and personal skills businesses expect nowadays from graduates?
  • University’s vision about development of logistics programs. Study program modernization in accordance with the new requirements
  • Areas of possible cooperation between universities and businesses

In discussion will take part:

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TSI contributes to the industry by training and preparing new specialists for many years. Transport and Business Logistics – the study program No.1 , which is appreciated and recommended by employers! TSI also offers in-depth knowledge in the master’s study program Transport and Logistics and the PhD study program Telematics and Logistics

To participate in the live discussion, pre-registration is required and please prepare your questions for experts in advance.

See you online!

Date: May 18, 2021 at 16:00
Format: Online live discussion, with opportunity to ask questions
The event will be held in English

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