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Join Discussion on the Future Logistics Talent Development Perspectives in Latvia

On May 7, 16:00, we invite you to join us in an open discussion on the future of Logistics talent development in Latvia! Our upcoming round table discussion “Future Logistics Talent Development Perspectives in Latvia” promises an insightful overview of the transport and logistics industry, including key trends and strategies that can help logistics professionals navigate the challenges and seize new opportunities.

During the discussion, we will address topics such as trends and areas where business see talent development in logistics in Latvia, the role of Latvian companies in European and global markets, competencies and skills expected from young logistics experts, the evolution of the labor market in Latvia in logistics and other sectors, differences between generations of employees in labor market, development of transportation and storage sector in Latvia and Europe, international presence and opportunities for logistics and transport firms in Europe and globally, and others.

Why to attend?

As leaders in the fields of transport and logistics in higher education, we are proud to organize this event. Our study programmes BSc Transport and Business Logistics and MSc Transport and Logistics ranks first according to the recommendations by employers, making us uniquely positioned to lead discussions on the future of talent development in the industry.

Date and time: May 7, 16:00-18:00
Venue: 1 Valerijas Seiles Street, Riga, Latvia
The event will be held in English

Register now to gain valuable insights, network with industry leaders, and contribute to shaping the future of logistics talent development in Latvia and beyond!

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