Business Breakfast About Masters Programmes

TSI invites you to a Business Breakfast, where during informal conversations over a cup of coffee or tea you will have the opportunity to learn more about master’s degree study programmes at TSI. You will learn about the research process and writing your master’s thesis and how a master’s degree can help to develop career growth. Gain knowledge about why a master’s degree is important and how it can guide you to the creation of a new and stable business.

Get to know our master’s study programmes, as well as double diploma programmes in cooperation with UWE Bristol.

  • Double Diploma Master’s programme in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, which is developed in cooperation with our partners the University of the West of England, UWE Bristol. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in IT, the study process takes only one year. 
  • Double Diploma Master’s programme in  Aviation Management with specialization in Aviation Management and Sustainability,which is developed in cooperation with UWE Bristol, which is highly recognized around the world and the United Kingdom. The program is a unique offer for the Baltic market – if you already have previous education or work experience in the field of aviation for at least one year, then the study process takes only one year (including internship). 
  • Management of Information Systems programme which covers both business and technology skills. The aim is to train world-class professionals with deep knowledge of modern information and communication technologies and the application of technologies in various contexts. Currently, it is one of the top study programmes and industries.
  • Computer Science programme with specialization in Software Engineering, which provides a unique set of courses led by the best local and international professors and specialists. It allows to master your skills in the most growthing domain. With prior education in the field of IT, the study process takes only one year. 
  • Transport and Logistics programme is for those who wish to develop the analytical thinking and critical skills necessary for the efficient and effective strategic and operational management of transport and logistics companies. It is possible to reduce the period of study by re-crediting practice from previous education in accordance with the admission rules.
  • Business and Management programme, which offers two top specializations – Business and Change Management specialist or Business and Financial Management specialist.

Venue: TSI, Lomonosova Street 1, Riga
Time: 30.11.2022, at 08.30 a.m.
Language: Latvian and English

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