Dear students, lecturers, and employees of TSI!

The current academic year is drawing to an end. The year, when we were forced to study and work under challenging conditions of remote education. And we look with hope to the new academic year, when it is likely to be possible to resume in-class studies. The Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia is working on corresponding proposals and procedures, and it is expected that already in July the State government may approve the full-time study mode for universities, starting from September 1st.

In the new academic year Higher Education Institutions will have to choose the most optimal forms of teaching and their combinations, in order to organize studies in accordance with measures of epidemiological safety. In this regard, while preparing to the next academic year, the special attention shall be paid to aspects of vaccination of students and employees, as well as their testing for COVID-19.

It is expected that in academic year 2012/2022 TSI students, academic and administrative staff will be able to attend the Institute in person in case if they have digital certificate confirming that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has been previously infected or done the COVID-19 test with negative result.

The government is providing wide opportunities for vaccination, including the free vaccination in shopping malls from June 18th in Riga and other cities of Latvia. We invite everyone to take advantage of the free vaccination opportunities provided by the state, so that the study process in autumn may be restored in-classes in a safe environment.

TSI management would like to express confidence that our entire cohesive team is eager to return to the usual rhythm of live as soon as possible – students want to come to the classes in the premises of TSI, lecturers and administrative personnel want to meet students in person, to organize study process for them and of course to share knowledge with them and develop new skills. Therefore, we urge you to find some time during the summer to get vaccinated, and, starting from the very first day of the new study year, take the advantage of face-to-face meetings and teamwork at our beloved Institute!

Stay safe, with best wishes for your health and success,

Chairwoman of the Board                                        I. Jackiva

Rector                                                                           J. Kanels

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