Day of Knowledge

We sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge, along with the start of a new study year! This day is important for all students, as well as lecturers as it marks the beginning of a new and exciting annual journey of discovery in the world of self-development.

We are proud and glad that many young minds are adding to the community of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute, joining the active students, so that we can all get new knowledge, experience, and skills together!

We would also like to emphasize that both the TSI study environment and the academic field are constantly being modernized. You can all see that renovation works are still ongoing and we sincerely hope that they will not cause any inconvenience to you. These works need to be completed in order to improve the aesthetic environment of our “home”, the experience of students, teachers and employees, and we are sure that very soon we will all be able to enjoy the new look of TSI together.

May this study year bring you a spectrum of new knowledge and experience, bright achievements, interesting projects, and many unforgettable moments! We wish good luck and success to you!

Best wishes,
TSI management

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