Drone pilots’ school: Preparation for Certification Course
The aim of the course: The course of piloting unmanned aircraft system (drone) is meant for those, who want to fly drones legally and safe in frames of their leisure or holiday activities. Due to new regulations “Komisijas īstenošanas regula (ES) 2019/947” and new rules for The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) all pilots, who use drones with video cameras should be certified. Whether the use it for business or leisure. The certificate for piloting drones confirms that the pilot is qualified and well trained to fly the drone with video monitor and picture processing. We offer you a study course to get ready for your examination. If you finish the course successfully, there will be no problems to pass the exam and get your certificate. Having your certificate means you can fly drones with video camera legally and safe.  Without a certificate the pilot may get a penalty for breaking the law of GDPR and health safety for people around.

Course Information

Start date of course: 15.10.2022
Duration: 1 day (8 ac. hours)
Place: Theory online. Practice individually at TSI, 1 Lomonosova Street
Instructor: Igors Saveljevs, Instructor at the Academic and Professional Aviation Center (APAC)
Language of the Course: English, Latvian, Russian
Price: 220 €

General information

Theory Part:

- Current Legislation

- Working Principles of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

- Basic and Specific UAS Control Functions

- Basic Safety Rules

- Potential Hazards

- Best Practices for Safe and Legal Flights


- Classroom training on simulators

- Field training with certified professional instructor


 * The schedule of the course might vary due to participants’ application amount.

Hurry up to apply! The number of participants in the group is limited - maximum 12 people!

To Apply

For more information please write to kursi@tsi.lv, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Lomonosova Street 1 - Room 404, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia, phone: (+371) 67100659

Septembris, 2023

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