Coursera Achievements

Coursera is a worldwide professionally acknowledged platform that offers a broad variety of flexible, affordable, qualification-upgrading, and job-relevant online learning courses and workshops.

Platform partners with more than 275 leading institutions and organizations worldwide and provides a range of courses – from hands-on projects to job-ready certificates, as well as degree programmes.

Transport and Telecommunication Institute successfully integrates Coursera in the education process, helping to upgrade a hard and soft skills toolkit for both students and staff, as well as expanding their certified qualifications.

During the first run of Coursera courses, nearly 100 programmes were chosen for the education process, where students and staff spent more than 1 000 hours obtaining unique knowledge and skills during more than 1 500 lectures.

Expanding their professional knowledge and setting an example for students, our academic staff achieves great goals. Assoc. professor ing. Iyad Alomar obtained 11 certificates and professor administr. Yulia Stukalina received 15 professional certificates

With highly rated feedback by TSI representatives, courses in the field of data science, computer science, business fields, and related undermined topics were obtained and brought valuable achievements.

Transport and Telecommunication Institute is the first university in Latvia to integrate Coursera into the process of education and training. Find out more here.

Congratulations to the leaders of the course obtaining!

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