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Congratulations to the Coursera Licence Winners

On February 20th, 20 best TSI students with the highest performance in the winter session were solemnly awarded with the extended Coursera worldwide learning platform licence.

Winners were congratulated for their academic achievements and presented with the certificate of appreciation, as well as personally greeted by faculty representatives and TSI government, including TSI rector,, assistant professor Juris Kanels.

This initiative shows the level of students’ dedication to academic success – 20 students from different programmes, study forms, levels and courses of education – both learning in Latvian and English,- got the average grading from 8.07 to 9.07. This level of competition is very high!

– Vice-rector for Student Affairs Professor, Irina Pticina

Academic achievements show students’ dedication to learning and self-improvement and with extended Coursera licence, TSI students will be able to expand their knowledge, learn new things and get new skills, as well as obtain professional certificates, that will be a valuable addition to the resume now and in future. TSI is the first university in Latvia to have collaboration with Coursera and we are glad to see that this opportunity is valuable and honoured by students.

Congratulations and heads up to your achievements!

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