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Clarity Labs Grant Winner is Announced!

Clarity Labs, in cooperation with the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI), provides financial support to future students who wish to study in the field of IT. The most talented youth are offered paid studies in the bachelor’s study programme Computer Science to train, support and inspire young professionals to work in the software industry. The best students are usually offered a permanent position in the company after such a debut.

This year, freshmen Natan Tarikins have received a grant from Clarity Labs! Congratulation to you and we wish to fulfill your goals and reach new heights in the future!

Clarity Labs is a market-leading consulting company in Lead-to-Cash space that helps companies around the globe to create and adopt business models allowing them to understand customer needs better and giving them an ability to create product offerings and market them according to customer expectations. Clarity is leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty and as a result, helping to increase revenues and monetize new business mode. More information

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