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Latvia, an affordable destination for engineering, medical and science courses

Latvia, a country situated along the Baltic Sea in Europe, is one of the safest countries in the world, known for its rich heritage of art and architecture, museums, beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches and friendly people.

Latvia’s capital city Riga is a metropolis with an active social scene, green parks and some of the best educational institutions that offer programmes taught in English. Affordable tuition fees (starting from 2,000 euros/year) and moderate living costs (around 4,000 euros/year) make Latvia an interesting educational destination. Below are some of the popular universities and programmes.

Transport and Telecommunication Institute: This is a modern dynamic technical university of applied sciences that provides high-quality education with a focus on applied research. They offer programmes at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels in computer science, robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics, electronics and telecommunications, transport and logistics, aviation transport, aviation management, economics and management, telematics and logistics, digital economy and business. Their programmes are focused on practical training and developed in cooperation with industry representatives.

For instance, Deloitte, the major international player in the field of consulting, not only supports their double degree master’s programme in computer science: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence but also offers to fully cover the tuition fee for potential students, and promises a job at Deloitte. In 1.5 years, you get a prestigious degree combined with experience working at Deloitte on cutting-edge data engineering and data science assignments.

Talented students will have an opportunity to get two diplomas in one study period with tuition fees fully covered by Deloitte with a guaranteed job at Deloitte. Deloitte also assists with relocation and obtaining necessary visas and work permits.


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