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BIG BANG for your career: Double Degree in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

By the 19th of January 2022 the expert board from Academic Information Center made a decision to approve the request of Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) to open a new specialisation – Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (master level). Do not stop read here, if your previous education is not related with IT. This specialization will turn your career to IT domain, as we could accept both students with and without previous education in IT.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are among emerging tech categories which are highly demanded, not only by IT companies, but in any sector, which deals with data: finance, banking, transportation, logistics, medicine, entertainment, tourism, etc. The future of IT professionals is a promising, the demand and salaries in this domain are growing around the globe.  

We offer you the unique opportunity to change your career and lifestyle, and join the specialisation – Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (master level), get necessary skills, knowledge, competencies, and degree in Computer Science. More amazing news – the specialisation is organised as a double degree study programme with our strategic partner University of West of England (UWE), so after two years (full-time) of amazing experience with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence specialisation you will get two diplomas and two degrees will be awarded (one from TSI and one from UWE).

The specialisation we are offering has been developed with close collaboration with UWE and industry representatives Deloitte, Accenture Baltics, MSC etc. The set of courses gives you all necessary skills to launch your career, enjoy Data Mining, Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, Big Data, and…. Interdisciplinary group project with problem statements from the industry. The courses are provided by the experts with practical and research experience in the domain. During your study you will have explicit experience with different industry-class tools

By joining the specialisation (without IT background), the first semester will enrich you with Database Technologies, Programming for Data Analytics, Emerging Technologies in IT/IS. This one is called – pre-master (one semester). After the first semester you will be able to join the core part of the specialisation. So, two years, two diplomas and a lot of experience.

One more good news: If your first degree is in IT domain, your master journey will be shorter – only 1.5 year (three semesters).

For more information about specialisation, requirements and enrolment conditions see the detailed description.


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