Apply for the “Studētgods” Scholarship!

Students up to the age of 25 (including) are able to apply for the “Studētgods” scholarship – 160 euros for 10 months a year!

Students can apply for the scholarship in case they are:

  • from families with many children
  • young people left without parental support or orphans
  • with disability of groups I or II

To apply for a scholarship, students of these social groups must be enrolled in 1st year of studies in full-time undergraduate programs.

It is also possible to apply for a scholarship if the student is resuming his studies in 2023 after an academic break in full-time bachelor-level programmes.

Students in the 2nd year can also apply for the scholarship – including young people who received the scholarship in the 1st year already, if the average grade in the previous semester is 6 or higher.

Conditions set to obtain a scholarship:

  • the results of the centralized exams must not be lower than 30% in Math and not lower than 40% in the Latvian
  • during studies, the average grade must be 6 or higher
  • the student must be without academic debts
  • all criteria are re-viewed once a semester

You can apply for the “Studētgods” scholarship using the website until February 20th. More info here (in Latvian)

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