Alumni of TSI joins the academic staff of the Institute!

We are very happy that Vyacheslav Cheglatonyev, PhD in Economics, Commercial Director at Odessa International Airport, a graduate of our professional master’s study program “Aviation Management”, has joined the team of lecturers!

Vyacheslav graduated from the study program “Aviation Management” with an honorary diploma for the best thesis presented at the winter graduation in 2021 and has already delivered his first lectures at the TSI on Supply Chain Management and Multimodality. He also has extensive experience in aviation management, having worked in the management of Kiev (Boryspil) and Lviv airports.

Olga Zervina, the director of the program “Aviation Management”, said that the professional program is aimed to maximum involve the representatives from the industry in the study process.

Vyacheslav also marked the beginning of the lecturing with a post on LinkedIn: “It is a great honor for me to teach course on Supply Chain Management and Multimodality at my Alma Mater – the Transport and Telecommunication.”

Why Vyacheslav chose to study at TSI, you read here

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