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Admissions Ongoing: Choose Studies Aligned with Modern Job Market Demands

Do you wish to make changes in your career? Or to develop skills that you lack to achieve a dream job? Or, perhaps, as a parent, you want to find what’s best for your child when it comes to higher education.

You can start your path to resolving these challenges, by seizing the opportunity and applying to TSI by the end of August! Admissions are currently open for undergraduates, master’s, and PhD programmes starting this fall in Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI).

TSI is the only private technical university in Latvia offering unique study programmes in Latvian and English in fields such as IT, robotics, data analytics, artificial intelligence, electronics, logistics, business, and aviation. These programmes are developed in close collaboration with industry representatives, ensuring they align perfectly with the demands of the job market and are based on practical skills. The acquired skills and knowledge, often strengthened in TSI labs, can be easily applied in the workplace.

Upon starting studies, students are presented with various opportunities, including career days (for inspiration, internship applications, insights into job market trends); advantages of the Erasmus+ programme (international projects, exchange studies funded by the EU in partner universities abroad, language skills development projects, etc.); obtaining professional certificates and qualifications at an international level through the online learning platform Coursera, and much more.

Meanwhile, postgraduate students have additional advantages – for those who wish to continue studying after getting their bachelor’s degree, TSI offers an opportunity to acquire desired skills and knowledge in just one year (besides the master’s thesis). Studies can easily be integrated into daily lifestyle – combined with work, family, or hobbies – as TSI provides a convenient and flexible study schedule designed for working individuals. Choose one of the offered programmes:

Double Degree in Computer Science: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is a programme that provides specific knowledge and skillset in highly demanded and innovative fields of today’s digital world. Programme is developed in collaboration with UWE Bristol university (United Kingdom), and students will receive diplomas from two universities at once while graduating, therefore obtain a world-class qualification.

Studying Double Degree In Aviation Management and Sustainability means not only achieving academic and skill-based professional toolkit to work in management positions in the aviation industry, but also connecting with like-minded individuals, potential partners, and colleagues. Going through studies of programme designed with the UWE Bristol, students come from aviation and various other industries.

The master’s programme in Management of Information Systems is considered profitable and valuable for those who aspire to be in-demand professionals in the field of information technology and information systems. Graduates can work in both governmental and private sectors as IT/ ICT project managers, consultants, department managers and leads, business analysts, as well as information systems integrators and promoters.

To pursue higher positions in the transport and logistics careers, industry representatives choose to study the Transport and Logistics master’s programme. Students and graduates of this programme are proven to practically solve challenges and apply solutions using modern technology, as well as broadly participate in projects of a wide scale of expertise in an international arena, expanding their network and practically applying their knowledge in the EU market.

The Computer Science: Software Engineering programme is designed for those who aim to lead and develop innovative IT solutions and become experts in cutting-edge technology. Graduates of this programme can also establish themselves as qualified professionals in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, and software engineering.

Developing skills for business management and organization is achievable through studying Business and Management at TSI. The programme focuses on preparing leaders for modern corporate realities in areas such as talent management, project management, marketing, human resource management, public relations, research, various forms of entrepreneurship, and management consulting.

Master’s studies in Electronics are essential for those seeking high qualifications in the field of electronics and aiming for lead positions related to electronic solution research, development, and implementation in both large and everyday projects, in a world-class scale of professionalism.

TSI is a place where you can open your potential, achieve ambitious goals, enhance existing knowledge, acquire new skills, expand your network, and gain practical, research-based experience. This approach, which combines academic knowledge with research skill acquisition in line with job market trends, is highly valued by employers and is recommended for studying at TSI by them.

There’s still time for you to kickstart your career until September 30th by applying for studies right away or booking an individual consultation prior to that. Do not miss out on the opportunity and make your first step toward your dream career now, to get deep in the process this autumn already!

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