A Guest Lecture on Opportunities and Prospects for Digital Marketing

Today, October 12th, 2022,  the Head of Digital Marketing & PPC / SKlead MSc. Kirill Sanzarovec visited the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) with his guest lecture on opportunities and prospects for digital marketing. Students had the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of using digital marketing ideas in business. The lecture is intended for bachelor’s study programmes – Transport and Business Logistics and Business and Management.

MSc. Kirill Sanzarovec is an e-commerce expert with 10 years of experience in PPC, lead generation, and digital marketing. He has a successful experience in PPC accounts set up, optimization, and management across multiple platforms, such as AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Amazon. During his work experience, Sanzarovec has delivered high-quality results in digital marketing,  lead generation, and PPC across different sectors –  retail, finance, e-commerce merchandising, and in many other industries.

Graduated from universities such as SKEMA Business School in France, the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom, and  Latvian Business College in Riga.

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