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3rd Team of the iDEAHUB Grant Winners!

Another team – iNNovatic just signed agreement at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) for the development of an innovative project in the framework of the “Transport and Telecommunication Institute Innovation Grants for Students” project, implemented by the iDEAHUB Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at TSI, providing free training, business partner support and funding for the project’s development.

Our third team – iNNovatic will develop a prototype of a complex that automatically evaluates the compliance of the parameters of manufactured parts and structures with specifications and accuracy, based on a non-contact approach. Essentially idea is to create manufacturing details acceptance control technology that would replace regular usage of hand-held measuring instruments, reduce human-factor in the acceptance process and automate manual and routine work in at enterprises..

We wish all the success to the team and support from our side is guaranteed!

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