2nd Team of the iDEAHUB Grant Winners!

Another team – DiPROGer just signed agreement at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) for the development of an innovative project in the framework of the “Transport and Telecommunication Institute Innovation Grants for Students” project, implemented by the iDEAHUB Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at TSI, providing free training, business partner support and funding for the project’s development.

DiPROGer will develop idea of low-cost drone system for multipurpose services integration, capable for example monitor agriculture land or count trees. The core of the idea is to create a platform available and simple to use for all sectors of the national economy: from a small family farm up to critical infrastructure service providers.

We wish all the success to the team and support from our side is guaranteed!

You can find out more about the activities of the iDEAHUB project HERE.

The project will be implemented until 30 November 2023 and foresees investments of EUR 543 024.91, of which the European Regional Development Fund supports EUR 461 571.17 (85%) and private funding is EUR 81 453.74 (15%).

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