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World Congress of Latvian Scientists “Research Latvia”

The 5th World Congress of Latvian Scientists “Research Latvia” took place from 27th to 29th of June 2023 in Riga.

Members of the Latvian scientific community – local and foreign scientists, young researchers, students, business representatives, international and local industry representatives, government, public administration, and foreign projects representatives – participated in the annual conference to honour the achievements of Latvian science and discuss the impact of scientific research results on society and politics. The networking and communication of the congress participants is also aimed at finding scientific solutions to global problems.

Within the congress framework, a joint study case by Professor Emeritus Dr. habil. sc. ing. Jurijs Tolujevs and Professor Dr. sc. ing. Irina Yatskiv on the topic “Application of Computer Simulation in Research of Perspective Use of Electric Trucks” was presented.

The study aims to create a universal computer modeling system that could be used to imitate the use of any type of electric or diesel-powered truck in a given geographical area and calculate both direct performance indicators and secondary ones – environmental and economic.

A feature of the study can directly impact the productivity of local and international businesses, especially transport enterprises: for example, the owner of a cargo transportation company can calculate all the indicators of interest to him when switching to an electric fleet, analyze the convenience of locating public battery charging points and suggest what will change if he invests in locating his own charging points.

The topics reviewed and discussed within the work frame of the scientific congress included the critical objectives of the modern industry, such as green energy, the role of science in digital transformation, the impact of science in Latvia, etc.

TSI would like to thank the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia and Research Latvia for providing a valuable communication platform for science and industry during the congress!

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