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Want to Study and Try to Find Finances? Take a Look!

Good news – from this year, simplified procedures for receiving a Study and Student loan – guarantee by a private individual is not required, as well as you can sign a loan agreement remotely! The new program supports the full payment of tuition fees (the maximum study credit will be in the amount of tuition fees). Existing study and student loans does not restrict the receipt of loan for continuing studies

Applying for a loan is easy – study and student loans will be fully guaranteed by the state! The loan is available to both EU/EEA citizens and non-citizens and permanent residents of the European Community, who have a valid residence permit for studies in the study programs of Latvian accredited and licensed higher education institutions for bachelors, masters and doctoral students.

Loan application will take place in Internet banks after being included in the list of students of the Institute. The state guarantee will be applied by the bank itself after evaluating the application and signing the contract – nothing more will have to be done!

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Study loan meant for covering tuition fees at accredited higher education establishments in Latvia.The loan can be applied for by students enrolled in both full-time and part-time study programmes. Neither the principal amount, nor interest are payable during studies and for 11 months after completion of studies.

Student loan meant for covering the day-to-day needs of the student, it is transferred to the student’s account for 10 months a year. Every month, the bank deducts interest from the monthly payment.

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