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TSI Study Programme “Aviation Engineering” Successfully Accredited!

TSI implements an academic bachelor’s degree programme “Aviation Engineering” in Latvian and English. The programme prepares specialists in aircraft maintenance in two specializations: Mechanics and Avionics.

On June 8, 2022, the AIC Study Quality Commission, following a structured, detailed and meaningful preparation and evaluation process accredited the study direction “Mechanics and Metalworking, Heat Engineering, Heat Engineering and Mechanical Engineering”, implemented by TSI, which includes the bachelor’s programme “Aviation Engineering“, for a maximum period of 6 years, i.e. until June 8, 2028.

This is one of the top study programmes at TSI, which is developed and offered by the Engineering Faculty, and prepares specialists in aircraft maintenance in two specializations: Mechanics and Avionics, in two languages- Latvian and English.

During the accreditation process, in close cooperation with employers, industry experts and graduates, the programme content had been revised and improved by integrating the latest theoretical knowledge and practical classes, information technology tools and by providing the most comprehensive training for future aviation professionals.

Commenting on the importance of the programme, its director, Associate Professor of TSI, who is also the Head of Training Unit at SJSC “Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme”, Monta Aleksandra Lacane, said: “In today’s changing and dynamic everyday life, each day can open doors to new opportunities and radical life changes that is either a fulfilment of long-held dreams or an unexpected beginning of a new path. The TSI Bachelor’s degree programme “Aviation Engineering” gives knowledge needed to start a successful career as an aviation specialist, as well as the opportunity to be even closer to the industry to learn, how to turn knowledge and skills into sustainable competences right from the beginning of your career.

The process of accreditation of study fields in Latvian higher education institutions is carried out in accordance with the norm of cyclical accreditation set out in the Law on Higher Education Institutions. The TSI expresses its gratitude to the AIKA Accreditation Expert Group, the coordinators, and the Study Quality Commission, and to all participants involved in the meetings and communication planned during the expert visit.

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