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TSI Student Club Takes Part in Racoons Hackathon

Last week, the “Borya-Chicorya”, TSI student club’s team participated in the Racoons hackathon.

The Racoons is a student- driven organisation with an inspiring interest for technologies and STEM sciences. Community is aimed at attracting young people who want to improve by providing them with an environment to explore, learn, create and craft.

Annually organised series of workshops was held for more than a hundred participants this year, with a median age of 19 years. Any high school, college or university student was welcome to participate regardless of skills and background.

The TSI student club “Borya-Chicorya” was represented by Mark Kolbanev, Richard Aizpurietis, Arina Chizhevska, and Elbek Rakhmanov. Over 3 days and 2 nights, youngsters learned about app development, prepared a business plan, networked and interacted with other teams of innovators.

Even though we didn’t manage to complete our project during the hackathon, we gained the most important thing – real experience in product development and teamwork. These 3 days brought us together, and we’ll definitely participate again next year!

Arina Chizhevska, BSc Computer Science student

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