Emden Leer University

TSI signs memorandum of understanding with the Emden Leer University (Germany)

Indicating the intent of long-term collaboration within the broad work frame of educational activities, the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) signed a memorandum of understanding with one University of Applied Sciences Emden Leer.

TSI Chairwoman of the Board & Chief Executive Director, Professor Irina Yatskiv – signed the memorandum with a strategically valuable partner, as well as got introduced to the campus and study environment of a university, where the unique labs of Emden Leer were presented.

University of Applied Sciences Emden Leer has fours faculties – Social work and Health, Faculty of Technology, Maritime Sciences, and Business Studies – and specializes in Natural Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.

We are thankful to Emden Leer for a warm welcoming and looking forward to future cooperation!

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