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TSI Olympiad Results

The award ceremony for the winners of the annual Olympiad of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) 2022 took place on April 14, 2022. Considering the results of the TSI Olympiad, the winners of the grand prizes, who won 3 grants for studies at TSI became known!

Engineering ScienceSocial Sciences
1st Place:
                Rasma Sandra Knipse
2nd Place:
                Аlemzhan Ahmetjanov
               Anastasija Mironova
               Artjoms Moisejevs
3rd Place:
               Jana Dreijere
               Marta Rudzate
1st Place:
                Anna Manakova
                Santa Abele
2nd Place:
                Assanali Almaz
3rd Place:
                Bizhan Каdirmanov
                Jelizaveta Jegorova
                Darja Antonenko
                Ieva Valska
                Akbota Bolat

Congratulations to the winners!

For outstanding results in the Programming block, a special discount on tuition fee for studies was awarded to:

  • Arman Isajev from Kazahstan,
  • Daniels Zeps from Latvia,
  • Mihail Shinder from Ukraine.

Also, a personalized discount on tuition fee for studies for outstanding results in Math in the Social Sciences direction was awarded to Arta Reinholde.

Encouraging girls, who choose STEM field as their future profession, as well as for good results in the Engineering Science direction of the TSI Olympiad, a special discount on tuition fee for studies was awarded to:

  • Arina Čiževska
  • Diāna Vorohobova
  • Fatima Gaipova
  • Marija Gabarašvili
  • Marta Sirsniņa
  • Valerija Linkeviča

Additionally, the participants of the Olympiad in the Social Sciences direction were awarded with a special discount on tuition fee “Next to the best” as they were just a little short of 3rd place:

  • Damir Samarbaev
  • Marsel Yuldashev
  • Veronika Voitenko

For outstanding results in the TSI Robotics contest and an invitation to participate in the TSI Olympiad next year, where will be the opportunity to win a grant to study at TSI, was awarded Kirils Kolesnikovs. For high results in the Robotics Contest within the TSI Olympiad, a special discount on tuition fee for the professional bachelor’s programme “Robotics” was awarded to Ergazi Dosankyl.

We sincerely congratulate ALL participants and thank you for participating in the TSI Olympiad and test your knowledge with us! See you at TSI!

On April 2, for four hours, senior pupils participated in the TSI Olympiad and competed in Engineering and Social Sciences, as well as a took part in the Robotics Contest which lasted for 10 days, and fought for the grand prize – a grant that covers 100% of tuition fee for studies at TSI, one of which is a double degree bachelor study programme Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, designed in collaboration with UWE (Bristol, UK) – worth 22,400 euros!

Students from 16 Latvian cities participated in the Olympiad. Most of the participants were from Riga, Rezekne, Jelgava, Jurmala, Bauska and Valmiera; from such schools as Riga State Gymnasium No. 1, Eastern Latvia Secondary School of Technologies, Riga State Gymnasium No. 3, Riga Distance Education Secondary School, Riga Secondary School No. 80, Jurmala Kauguri Secondary School, Jelgava Secondary School No. 5, Riga Gymnasium Zolitude, J.G.Herder Riga Grizinkalns Secondary School and Valmiera Pargaujas State Gymnasium.

This year, participants from countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Cyprus also took part in the TSI Olympiad.

The live broadcast of the TSI Olympiad Awards Ceremony you can watch here

The results of the Olympiad you can see here

We thank the teachers for the excellent preparation of the students!

And many thanks to our business partners who supported the Olympiad:


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